Last Updated November 19, 2020
  • The Parties
      1. SailSterling connects travellers seeking unique experiences on yachts with certified charter companies around the world. SailSterling is a trusted online platform for people to rent sailing yachts, catamarans and motor yachts around the world. By facilitating reservations and financial transactions, SailSterling makes the process of booking a yacht easy and efficient. SailSterling is the trading name of Sterling Yacht Holidays Ltd., 45 Circus Road, London, NW8 9JH, (GB). The company number is 10932254 and the Tax Identification Number is GB 296 8230 64. E-mail address: .
      2. The User constitutes any individual or any duly represented legal entity that uses the Service to perform any combination of the following tasks: i) search for information about yachts and sailing holidays, ii) search for promotional offers, or iii) completes the booking process by secure online payment. Users under the age of eighteen do not constitute individuals that shall be considered as Users using the Service. A User of the Service acknowledges that they must be eighteen years of age and certifies all personal information provided is true and correct to the best of their knowledge. The User acknowledges that they are legally authorised to complete the online reservation on on their own behalf or on behalf of any agent or any duly represented legal entity. The User hereby acknowledges and accepts that they are bound to the Terms and Conditions related to their online reservation.
  • Scope of service
      1. SailSterling has developed an online platform on which certified charter companies can promote their fleets for sailing holidays. Users on SailSterling can search for the availability in real time of the boats managed by the certified charter companies and securely book their boat online.
      2. After the User completes the booking process, the User is contractually bound to the Terms and Conditions set out by the certified charter company. SailSterling only facilitates reservations and financial transactions from the User to the certified charter company. SailSterling automatically notifies the certified charter company of the online reservation forwarding the details of the User and sends a booking confirmation on behalf of the certified charter company directly to the User.
      3. The User acknowledges that the booking of a service on the SailSterling website constitutes a contractual relationship between the User and the final service provider. A charter contract detailing the terms and conditions of the charter will be sent to the User.
      4. All the information displayed on the SailSterling website and all information communicated to the User throughout the Service provided by SailSterling is information provided to SailSterling by certified charter companies. Certified charter companies are fully responsible for providing updated information on availability, prices and any information connected to their fleet that is displayed on the SailSterling website. SailSterling is only responsible for connecting the User with the final service provider. SailSterling shall not be deemed responsible for non-compliance or non-delivery of the services that are set out in the charter contract between the User and the final service provider.
  • Obligations of SailSterling
      1. SailSterling has the obligation to transmit the information about each booking, as is indicated in the booking form, to the final service provider of the service. Please, check our privacy policy for further details.
      2. SailSterling shall charge the User for the services booked via the website. SailSterling shall accept the payment by the User on behalf of the final service provider: the certified charter company. SailSterling shall transfer the funds to the final service provider according to the conditions established with each certified charter company.
      3. SailSterling will confirm the booking to the User immediately after the payment for a service is successfully completed on the SailSterling website. A booking confirmation will also be sent to the email address provided by the User, within 24 hours of the payment being successfully completed.
      4. SailSterling is only liable as an intermediary for intentional or grossly negligent dereliction of duty in the performance of its services as an intermediary.
  • Obligations of the User
      1. The User is responsible for the full payment of the services contracted and purchased via the SailSterling website. This includes the User’s responsibility to respect the booking process, the payment deadlines and the payment amounts outlined on the SailSterling website.
      2. The User accepts that a failure to pay the full amount outlined in the booking form either for making a booking or an outstanding payment shall result in an immediate cancellation of the reservation, after the payment deadline has been exceeded. The cancellation policies are outlined in the charter contract between the User and the final service provider.
      3. The User shall indemnify the charter company against all civil and criminal consequences of third party claims arising from actions and failures to act on the part of the User including all legal costs in the country of delivery and abroad.
      4. If the User leaves the yacht at any place other than the agreed location for any reason whatsoever, the User shall bear the costs for the return of the yacht by water or by land. If the return of the yacht extends beyond the time period of the charter, the yacht shall be deemed to be returned by the User at the time of its arrival in the agreed harbour.
      5. Late return of the yacht and non-usability of the yacht caused by the User shall be grounds for claims for compensation by the charter company.
      6. Attention is drawn to the fact that conclusion of hull insurance by the charter company does not mean that the User is not liable for loss or damage not covered by such insurance, or for loss or damage for which the insurance expressly reserved the right of recourse to the User. This applies particularly to damage caused by gross negligence, intent or failure to observe the conditions of the charter contract, and for any consequential loss or damage.
      7. The conditions of the insurance, which we will gladly provide on request, are an integral part of this contract. The deductible excess for each loss is to be covered by the User and may differ from the deposit paid. The deposit will be repaid without delay on the return of the yacht and equipment in good condition. Loss and damage will be offset against the deposit. Loss and damage not covered by the deposit or the insurance shall be paid without delay by the User.
  • Obligations of the charter company
      1. The agreed yacht will be delivered to the User in a clean, sailable, seaworthy condition, and with full fuel tanks.
      2. If the agreed yacht cannot be delivered at the date agreed in the charter contract (e.g. because of unseaworthiness as a result of an accident in the preceding charter), the charter company may deliver an equivalent yacht without prejudice to the warranty claims of the User so far as there are defects in the replacement yacht.
      3. The charter company shall only be liable to the User and his crew for loss or damage arising from intent or gross negligence on the part of the charter company, as well as for damages to life and health or personal injuries, resulting from negligent breach of duty by the charter company or from intentional or negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or assistant of the charter company.
      4. The charter company shall not be liable for loss or damage caused by inaccuracies, amendments, mistakes and defects in the ancillary nautical equipment provided, e.g. marine charts, handbooks, compass, radio direction finding equipment etc.
      5. Claims by the User due to the inability of the yacht for use resulting from damage or total loss caused by the User or a third party during the charter shall be excluded.
  • Payment, cancellation
      1. Unless otherwise stated in the charter contract, payment of the first instalment, as defined, of the charter price is due within 48 hours of conclusion of the charter contract. The balance is due 30 days before the beginning of the charter. Payment must be received before the deadlines indicated.
      2. In emergencies, the charter company may withdraw within 4 days of the ending of the charter contract. In such a case, the charter company undertakes to repay the User without delay the money already paid (if need be, through the agent).
      3. The User is strongly recommended to opt for travel insurance that covers cancellations. The charter company or the agent will be pleased to send information about such insurance.
  • Miscellaneous/subsidiary agreements/information/separability clause
      1. The charter period may only be extended with the agreement of the charter company. If there should be obvious errors in the invoicing of the charter price and the extras, the charter company and the User have the right and the obligation to correct the charter price in line with the valid price list. This does not affect the legality of this contract.
      2. All care is taken in the preparation of information, but information is given without guarantee.
      3. The invalidity of individual provisions shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the charter contract. The parties agree to replace invalid provisions by valid provisions most closely approaching the invalid provisions.
  • Place of jurisdiction, applicable law
      1. All claims relating to the relationship between the User and SailSterling shall be subject to the law applicable to the registered office of SailSterling and the place of jurisdiction shall be the registered office of SailSterling. All claims relating to the relationship between the User and the charter company shall be subject to the law applicable at the registered office of the charter company, and the place of jurisdiction shall be the registered office of the charter company.
  • Our details
    1. Our business’s name is: Sterling Yacht Holidays Ltd. Our business address is: 45 Circus Road, London, NW8 9JH, United Kingdom. Our contact details are: , +44 203 846 2806