The island of Rab in Croatia

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Ist - Rab

The dreamy town of Rab is located in the Kvarner Bay region on the island of Rab with the same name. It can be divided into the districts of Palit, Banjol, Barbat, Mundanije and the old town.

Few of the settlements can look back on a history that can be continuously traced back from pre-Roman times to the present day. There are maybe ten on the entire Adriatic, one of which is the island town of Rab, which is a unique example of how social life is embedded in its natural environment.

Also unique is the Silohouette with the 4 bell towers, which are such an unmistakable landmark that few Croatian cities have. The old town is located between the bell towers on a peninsula and there are souvenir shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants that will spoil you with culinary delicacies.

There are 2 lively streets and lots of alleys in the old town of Rab. One of them is “Srednja” Street, which has a lively crowd. Shops, public buildings and much more are lined up and there has been a lot of life in this street since ancient times. The other is” Donja” Street, which runs directly past the Emporium and the city market towards the harbour.

For centuries both streets have been vying for which of them will play the main role in the city. In any case, it is certain that both are very important and show off many sights such as the large square in front of the building complex of the Palace, the old city gate with the clock tower, the St. Nicholas Church and many more – these will be explained in more detail below under Discover Rab.

Rab is best known for its beautiful sand and pebble beaches, picturesque bays and crystal clear water. In addition, the island of Rab has 2400 hours of sunshine per year and in the summer up to 10 hours of sunshine a day. The mild climate, the lush vegetation make the island of Rab and especially the city of Rab a unique experience and are guaranteed to cast a spell over you.

During the summer months there are also numerous concerts, galleries and street exhibitions. The artists come from all over Croatia and present their works in the old streets, which are always very popular.

Small islands with beautiful beaches await you in front of Supetarska Draga on the island of Rab
Small islands with beautiful beaches await you in front of Supetarska Draga on the island of Rabv

Discover Rab

This is located near the large Trg Municipium Arba square. Many also refer to it as a gallery and rightly so. You can admire the various Romanesque and Gothic Renaissance windows and the ornate reliefs between the stone blocks. Lion heads with wide open, half-open and closed jaws once supported the rally balcony. You can admire archaeological finds in the atrium.

The Prince’s Palace


Just a few meters from the monastery is the Cathedral of St Mary The Great. This is made of white and pink stone blocks and was consecrated personally by the Pope in 1177. The pillars of the three-aisled basilica come from ancient buildings and there is a canopy above the altar – to the right and left of it a carved choir stalls.


Cathedral of St. Mary The Great

Almost at the southwest tip of the old town is the Benedictine Monastery of St. Andrew. The 11th century building is probably the oldest surviving Benedictine monastery in the region. Directly in front of the church is the bell tower built in the Romanesque style at the end of the 12th century.

Benedictine Monastery of St. Andrew & The Roman Bell Tower


The Church of St. Justina  is located in the old part of Kaldanac and was built during the occupation in the 15th century and now serves as a museum of sacred art. There is a beautiful altar painting from the Titian school and stone onion tower.

Church of St. Justina


The Church of St. John the Evangelist and the monastery date from the 7th century and was once a jewel with 5 altars and capitals from different epochs. Today the floor mosaic is still well preserved. Next to the basilica are the ruins of the former Benedictine monastery, which was already settled by the Franciscans and was also the seat of the bishops.

The Church and The Monastery of St. John the Evangelist


The Komrcar Park is ideal for relaxation and in the main season not only tourists lie around here to relax from everyday stress. The Galjarda fortress from the 15th century is also located here.

The Galjarda Fortress is located in the Komrcar Park



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