Yacht Charter Itinerary Pula Day 3

Mali Losinj - Ist

The charming island of Ist, about 10 km² in size, is located in the archipelago north of Zadar in the Dalmatia region and is surrounded by many small Croatian islands. The small island has around 230 inhabitants, who live mainly from fishing and tourism. Wonderful rocky bays, blue, clear water and the lush vegetation underpins the nature of the island.

 Life here is very calm and pleasant and is mainly visited by holidaymakers who want to leave the stress of everyday life behind.  Above all, the island enjoys sailing and nature lovers, as there is not a single car on the island. Even during the summer season it is not allowed to bring or ride bicycles, so you can literally feel the silence. The surrounding area is best explored by boat or on foot, so you can enjoy the untouched, fragrant variety of plants in peace and quiet and find secluded, beautiful spots for yourself.

In front of the island, in all the bays, it is teeming with fish, which really attracts amateur and sport fishermen. Since the underwater world is very rich in living species, it makes diving and snorkelling quite interesting. Divers especially appreciate the crystal blue, clean sea.

Beautiful panoramic view of the city of Ist
Beautiful panoramic view of the city of Ist


Stringent cleaning procedures are already in-place across all boats globally for the well-being of our crew and guests.  These will be further enhanced to meet government guidelines in the UK and Italy which are in place in July 2021 in relation to the COVID pandemic.  These will include temperature checks prior to boarding; hand-sanitising stations in public areas; additional deep cleans of public areas including decks; social distancing if required.  With each catamaran’s capacity at a maximum of 10 people including skipper and chef, if required in August, guests would remain in catamaran bubbles during visits to vineyards and other on-shore activities.