Mali Losinj

Yacht Charter Itinerary Pula Day 2

Pula - Mali Losinj

Uvala Engleza Beach, Mali Losinj

Mali Losinj is located in the middle of the island of Losinj, in the protected Augustus Bay. Mali Losinj has developed over the centuries from a small village to a small town with over 7,000 inhabitants. In the 19th century the place was an important maritime and trade centre due to its good location. Over the years and due to the excellent climatic conditions, the place has developed into one of the most popular yacht charter spots in the Kvarner Bay.

Life in the place pulsates from the harbour, up the one-way street “Ulica”. While a large number of restaurants, cafes, taverns and local taverns have settled in the harbour basin, you will find many souvenir stands, boutiques and shops in the “Ulica” that invite you to stroll. On the menus of the restaurants you will find many typical local Mediterranean dishes that are refined with the herbs so typical of Losinj, but also dishes from international cuisine. A good local wine is usually served with it and one of the traditional liqueurs is served as an aperitif.

You can find more peace in the side streets. These are mostly narrow and winding. We recommend a walk up the stone steps to the parish church of Mali Losinj. From the church square you have a wonderful view overlooking the town stretching out to the sea.

If you head west from Mali Losinj, you will pass through the Cikat Forest Park to the popular bathing bay of the same name at Cikat. The park was developed in the 19th century under the direction of the well-known botanist Ambroz Haracic. Numerous beautiful hiking and walking trails lead through the park. Below the Cikat Bay is another beautiful bay – The Sun Bay – “Sunce Uvala”. There are some nice hotels in the two bays, such as the Hotel Bellevue. Many former Austrian villas from the time of the imperial and royal monarchy have been renovated over the years and converted into beautiful hotels.

For active holidaymakers, Mali Losinj and the surrounding area have a lot to offer. There are two marinas for yacht charters, various water sports centres for water sports enthusiasts and the Aquasplash water park for children. In the north, about 13 km from Mali Losinj, near the airport, you will find riding opportunities and for motor sports enthusiasts a go-kart track. 

Guests interested in culture will find a lot of sacred buildings, picture galleries and of course a copy of the Apoxiomen in Mali Losinj. From here you can discover the surrounding towns and islands such as Susak, Ilvoik, Silba and the neighbouring large island of Cres on yacht charter holiday starting from Pula.

Discover Mali Losinj

The church of St. Martin dates from 1450 and is located in the present cemetery. You can learn more about the history of Mali Losinj on many of the tombstones. At that time, the priests not only held Holy Masses, but also worked as notaries and drew up wills and contracts.

Church of St. Martin


In the aromatic garden of Losinj you can find the numerous medicinal herbs of the island of Losinj. Local guides will be happy to explain the effects and properties of the individual medicinal plants and you have the opportunity to purchase one or two souvenirs.

The aromatic garden of Losinj


Apoxyomenos is a bronze statue that was found wedged between two rocks at the bottom of the sea in 1999. The discovery of the 192cm statue was a worldwide sensation. Of the two thousand year old statue, which depicts a Greek athlete of the Apoxyomenos, there are only seven similarly well-preserved statues worldwide. Today you can see the statue in the “Palaca Kvarner” hall in Losinj. 

The Croatian Apoxyomenos


The forest park Cikat offers a rich flora and fauna. The park was developed at the end of the 19th century and is now a functioning ecosystem created by the Society for Reforestation and Beautification under the direction of Ambroz Haracic. The company was founded in 1886. Numerous beautiful hiking and walking trails lead through the park and you will find the small votive church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the approximately 236 hectare park.

Cikat Forest Park


Stringent cleaning procedures are already in-place across all boats globally for the well-being of our crew and guests.  These will be further enhanced to meet government guidelines in the UK and Italy which are in place in July 2021 in relation to the COVID pandemic.  These will include temperature checks prior to boarding; hand-sanitising stations in public areas; additional deep cleans of public areas including decks; social distancing if required.  With each catamaran’s capacity at a maximum of 10 people including skipper and chef, if required in August, guests would remain in catamaran bubbles during visits to vineyards and other on-shore activities.