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The Aeolian Islands

The islands themselves have welcomed visitors for thousands of years. Two of them, Stromboli and Vulcano, are still volcanically active. There’s something mesmerising about sitting on deck after another picture-perfect day with the inky-black night illuminated only by the dim light of a billion stars and fire that’s belching from the earth in front of you. At a safe distance, of course.

Each of the Aeolian islands will infuse your holiday with its own individual character. They cool our guests relaxing on deck as experienced and friendly crew take care of the sailing, pour a glass of wine and prepare a delicious four-course dinner in the galley. And they ripple the cobalt-blue water as swimmers dive from the deck for a refreshing dip among a cascade of brightly-coloured fish.

Salina, for example, is the lushest, with its own natural water supply; something not all the other islands can boast. Its steep, terraced hillsides have been farmed for centuries, framed by two dormant conical volcanoes that drop down to a collection of small, whitewashed villages that hug the shoreline.

It’s easy to see why her unhurried charms have attracted movie makers over the years, including for the iconic Il Postino, which was filmed here almost three decades ago. Panarea is regarded as the most chic; if you’re wondering if that stylish young thing under a big floppy hat and oversized sunglasses is a model or actor, the answer is probably yes to both.


You’ll find no cars here, only Vespa scooters and golf carts, although there’s a path that circles the island for the more energetic. The waters around the island are some of the most translucent and inviting in the whole of southern Italy and a snorkel from your catamaran is a must.

Stromboli deserves the title of most spectacular among the islands, being the home of one of the world’s most active volcanoes – an almost picture-perfect cone rising dramatically up out of the sea. It might surprise many to know that people have chosen to make this their home for millennia in tiny bougainvillea-strewn villages, reassured perhaps by the fact that historically the lava flows have always travelled in one main direction.

On Vulcano, steam rises hypnotically from the crater that looms over the village of Porto di Levante, with the majority of visitors heading towards its black sand beaches and to poach themselves in sulphurous mud baths.

Close by, Lipari is the largest and liveliest island in the group and its castle walls are testament to its long history of settlement. You can wander the lanes of its main town that join its two harbours and up steps that emerge outside its cathedral where other historic buildings cluster around. If you have time, pause for a gelato and an early evening stroll along car-free Corso Vittorio Emanuele as locals and visitors enjoy their daily passeggiata.

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28th August 2021
4th September 2021
11th September 2021
18th September 2021
25th September 2021

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Stringent cleaning procedures are already in-place across all boats globally for the well-being of our crew and guests.  These will be further enhanced to meet government guidelines in the UK and Italy which are in place in July 2021 in relation to the COVID pandemic.  These will include temperature checks prior to boarding; hand-sanitising stations in public areas; additional deep cleans of public areas including decks; social distancing if required.  With each catamaran’s capacity at a maximum of 10 people including skipper and chef, if required in August, guests would remain in catamaran bubbles during visits to vineyards and other on-shore activities.